Lori will be writing an article about my newly released book The C. Walker Adventures: The Curse of Yama. Ellen did the interior illustrations, editing and interior design of the book.

How did you meet Kim?

      Kim and I met at a writer’s conference in 2009 that I had attended with my writer-daughter, Elizabeth Little. At the first lunch break, I entered the cafeteria, looking for a free seat, and we found one next to Kim. Right away, we struck up a conversation, and I knew instantly that we would be friends. See, Kim is a bit of a nut (never grew up), and so am I! We hung together the rest of the conference and the rest is history!

2.      What made you recommend her to Linda and Treasureline?

       When I read Kim’s finished manuscript for THE CURSE OF YAMA, I just knew that the book, and the series, was going to be a big hit. This adventure has everything that middle grade kids will enjoy, and I think parents will love it too. I believed that my publisher would be honored to add Kim to her stable of writers. I have to be careful whom I recommend, of course, and I suggested Kim to Linda with no trepidation. I also believe in Kim’s upcoming YA series, DIRT.

3.      What do you like best about her writing style?

      I LOVE THAT IT’S FUNNY! When you read Kim’s work, you are hearing her actual voice. Her playful innocence and sense of a good time comes through in every sentence. Her main character, Chloe, is Kim—I just know it!

4.      What was the process you went through in drawing the illustrations for “The Curse of the Yama?”

      I  don’t think the book was going to be published with illustrations, so I volunteered. I am a professional artist, and since I edited the book, I had a very intimate knowledge of its details. Anyone who reads the book is going to have their heads filled with the most amazing sights, and with my little drawings, I hope to help focus some of these images. But you can rest assured that Kim creates a movie in your mind as you read her work—that is the sign of a great storyteller, in my book. Here is a link to some of the illustrations if interested (scroll down on page): http://www.ellencmaze.com/sneak-peek.php

5.      What do you think the future holds for Kim?

       I believe THE C. WALKER ADVENTURES will see success along the lines of LEMONY SNICKET and HARRY POTTER, entertaining children all across the globe by the time she gets going. Kim will write more in the series, and also publish her YA series beginning with DIRT. Kim has unlimited creative talent and the most joyful outlook of anyone I know. I don’t see her doing anything short of selling a million copies!