Dumb old curse................
When Dad unwittingly unleashes upon himself a deadly and ancient curse, it’s up to 12-year-old Chloe Walker to come to the rescue. Once the entire family is deep within the Indian rainforest, Chloe and local friend, Sotol, head out to find a cure for the illness that threatens her father’s life. To find the Golden Seed, Chloe and Sotol risk life and limb, facing ruthless poachers, desolate elephant burial grounds, and the fantastical wilds of nature. With a magical amulet, arguing gibbons, a mama tiger on the run, and an impossible rope bridge that only a nut would try to cross—Chloe is on the adventure of a lifetime. Decode the map, find the seed, and defeat Yama. No problem.

                                            ......Yeah, right!

A trip to Scotland turns into mayhem and mystery when young Chloe Walker and Sotol, her pal and partner in adventure, uncover the Walker family secret. Unicorns, flying horses, and a rainbow of picklings lead the duo on another quest. A forbidden castle, veiled in darkness, sheds light on Chloe’s unusual aunt as well as the town’s strange goings-on. Dr. C. Y. Clops, veterinarian-at-large, brings magical healing to mythological creatures that truly aren’t myths at all. When others want to destroy the secret, Chloe and Sotol must do everything possible to protect the hidden truth.

Yes, this is more than an underworld.

Reviews from a middle-grade reader!!!!!!!

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