What makes a sloth so special? The same thing that makes you special.

A picture book that will warm your heart.

The C Walker Adventure Series


The Curse of Yama (Book 1)

The Castle of Family Secrets (Book 2)

Book Trailer for Dirt


A Young Adult Fantasy Romance published by Little Roni Publishers.


Ashe has lived for eighteen years never knowing that she's half human, half faery. Living in a small Montana town is safe and predictable until she finds out that her bithling blood is the elixir of immortality and the Dark Thorn needs a sacrifice. Now that Ashe is being hunted, her Dad’s homemade drug and her sentry aren’t enough to keep her alive

Her protector is the most beautiful guy she's ever seen, Rowen, a faery from her dead mother's world.  Their forbidden attraction jeopardizes Ashe’s life, but she's willing to take the risk. Longing for love and her own identity, she’s determined to have what she wants. Ashe faces her fears and insecurities, breaking all the rules.

Ashe brings present-day, young adult issues into a world of fantasy. This protagonist is forced to face guilt and isolation while fighting for the right to exist and protecting the ones she loves.

A 21st century Lord of the Rings meets Romeo and Juliet young adult romance, Dirt is the first of The Dirt Trilogy.

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